Extra bite shallow diving 14cm

EXTRA BITE shallow diving

As the name implies. this is a great wobbler. It is used for catching fish such as pike, salmon, perch and catfish. There are many technical innovations in the production of this wobbler, which is produced from handmade file. It has been tested in many international waters.

It is equipped with two high quality three-pronged. For safety, wire stretches across the entire body wobblers in one piece. It is produced in 10 fantastic decors.




Sinking Depth

Hooks No

GOLDY G14P /EXTRA BITE / 14 cm / Floating

24.0 g

0.3 - 0.7 m

Two  VMC 2

GOLDY G19P /EXTRA BITE / 19 cm / Floating

45.0 g

0.3 - 0.7 m

Two VMC 1/0